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Vorkosigan Saga

Earlier this week i finished rereading all 16 books (at least in the format i read them) of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series. Or to be specific, re-listening to the audiobooks from Audible.

I started in mid-November so it took just a little under three months, although there was about a week during the holidays when i didn't make much progress. If i've done the transcribing and OpenOffice functions right the grand total time for all the books is 175 hours and 17 minutes. Which means i averaged over just two hours a day, though in actuality the time spent per day was nowhere near that uniform :) It also took me an average of five days to finish each book. Obviously that varied well as too. It took my two weeks to finish A Civil Campaign, in part because it's the longest, but even more so because of the time i didn't spend listening to audiobooks while traveling or with family over the holidays. On the other hand i knocked off Winterfair Gifts in an afternoon, though that's not really a fair comparison :)

I believe this was my second time reading Winterfair Gifts (in fact it was the recent addition of Winterfair Gifts to Audible that prompted the whole project,) but at least the third time for everything else. I did catch a few surprising things i never noticed before (particularly Arte showing up in Shards of Honor.)

Also, listening to them all together, i still think Cryoburn isn't as bad as some people have made it out to be. It's certainly not the best in the series, but not every book can be A Civil Campaign. I'd certainly put in on par with Cetaganda and Diplomatic Immunity. I do think thematically Cryoburn was very well done, even if Miles didn't end up saving the entire empire from another Cetagandan invasion or anything like that. (And really, how many times _can_ that happen before it just gets silly?)
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