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My package from Amazon showed up! With FF13-2!

Oh, and the waterproof clock/radio i ordered to keep myself from daydreaming in the shower!

I had one before, but it got more and more old and busted until it just didn't work anymore. This time since i knew the basic concept was valid i decided to splurge and get a good $50 model that will hopefully perform better and last longer.

Oh, and here's the package of D cell batteries for the radio, just need to get them out of this hard plastic shell case... aaaahhh! aaahhh! Where are the bandaids!!!?!!

Although i'm not actually awesome enough to have been using power tools earlier in the day. Nor was i ironic enough to be trying to open a package of scissors. Plus i didn't actually start yelling when i sliced myself open, there was just one "ack" and then i immediately thought of the comic and shelleycat started wondering why i was laughing maniacally :)
Tags: injuries, video games

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