DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Nexus One and Android Market issues

So sunday night my phone decided to start having problems. At the time i was trying to get the Android Nook app to open an epub file. I'd noticed that the app seemed to synch between my phone and the Nook Tablet when reading books i purchased from the B&N store so i was curious to see if the same would be true while reading a book i purchased from a third party. I got a weird error at one point while switching to the file manager but didn't think much of it. Then a little bit later the phone spontaneously rebooted. I didn't think much of that either since one of the "recent" Google updates has been causing a lot of Nexus One phones to reboot when trying to connect to 3G. I just figured i must have forgotten to turn off the 3G after i was done using it like i normally do. So i just set the phone done to let it reboot in peace and started working on something else.

Then a little while later my phone buzzed again, and when i picked it up i saw it had rebooted again. That was annoying, but again i didn't think much of it since i hadn't touched the phone at all. "Clearly" i had indeed left the 3G on, and it had finished rebooting and tried to connect and triggered another reboot. However when we went to bed a little bit later i went to set the alarms on my phone and found it was in the middle of the boot animation. As i watched it progressed though the usual sequence, then froze for a bit and went back to the beginning of the animation. It took a cycle or two before i was sure of what was happening (for those who haven't seen it the book sequence is somewhat chaotic) but it was pretty clear that something was wrong after that.

Since it was bedtime i turned the phone off (by the expedient of yanking out the battery) and set my other alarms to get up early. When i got up in the morning i looked up how to access the boot menu, which did work thankfully, I tried the restore option and it got a little way into that before popping up an icon of the Android guy standing next to a green triangle with an exclamation point in it and staying there. That didn't look too promising and a quick search indicated that that was in fact an error icon. I tried doing the restore two more times with the same results before giving up and doing a full factory reset.

That didn't take very long and rehooking it up to my Google account was pretty easy. When i started up the app Market i was not surprised to see that it had a list of all the apps i'd purchased in the past. What disappointed me however was that it did not seem to have any kind of history of the free apps i'd downloaded in the past. There were a couple very useful free apps that i don't remember the name of anymore :( (This morning i stole shelleycat's phone for a couple minutes because i knew she had the same battery usage widget that i used and i was able to look it up again that way.)

Luckily the very most important apps are rather easy to remember. I installed Audible, List Master Pro, GetGlue, FourSquare, Aldiko, Astro File Manager, Movies and RealCalc. However then i was stymied when i tried to find Better Keyboard. There were a lot of skins for it in the market but not the app itself. Eventually i managed to find the companies blog site where there was a somewhat disjointed story of them getting booted from the market.

Apparently they offered a number of products that allowed you to reskin the OS in various ways. Some of the themes they made available had trademarked/copyrighted images incorporated in them and they were given takedown notices over a couple of them. That doesn't seem particularly heinous to me, what with my peripheral awareness of the fanfic and fan art and fan etc communities i know that asking corporations ahead of time if you can use images from popular media just doesn't work. You go ahead and use it and if they complain you stop. (And to the best of my knowledge they weren't charging for the skins, just for the app that let you install skins.) So they got a couple hits for that before giving up on the skins, and then a couple months ago they had some other complaint against them (if they know what it was they haven't said) and Google decided to operate on an "x strikes and you're out" system and booted them from the market completely, with no credit for having corrected past problems or opportunity to correct whatever the current problem was.

So now i either have to re-buy the app from the Amazon Marketplace or figure out how to pirate the app i already paid for =P In the meantime i'm trying out the SlideIt keyboard, which i picked up during the recent 10 cent app sale. The sliding feature is cool but i haven't figured out yet if it actually saves any time or not. They keyboard is kind of ugly though and i haven't found a good replacement skin yet.
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