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I got up early (for me) and went to the car place in Irvine. They did the usual minor service checkup thing, and they checked my tires. They said that the left rear tire had two nails in it, and they'd taken them out and patched the tire up, so hopefully my car will be good for awhile.

I'd decided to reward myself for getting the new job (not that i'd done much to earn it, but hey =) so i stopped by Fry;s on the way home with the intention of buying the Rayearth boxed sets that I've been wanting for a long time. I'd checked the prices for them at Suncoast, and they were $199 for Season 2 and $149 for Season 1. Amazon showed them for the same list price with 10% off. Fry's had them for $149 and $129 *bounce!* =)

I wish my friend from the east coast was still talking to me. It was nice when i had someone to discuss new anime and video games with.

I went to costco after that and had lunch there. I looked at prices for computers, because i want a new computer, and cd players, cause my walkman seems to be broken, but didn't find anything uber-spiffy. I also looked at DVDs, but they didn't have much there either. I don't know if it's just this costco in particular or all california costcos, but it's got a pretty crappy selection of a lot of things compared to the one i usually went to in Washington.

I haeded home after that. There's something nice about cruising on the freeway on a sunny day with the window down and the music up. I'm back in that not caring about the world anymore state.

When i got back there was a note on the door saying i had a fed-ex package at the manager's office, and it was my new offer! *bounce!* And then when i checked email i found out that i'd won an ebay auction and gotten two (two!) emails from one of my best friends that i've been meaning to email for awhile =)

It's still sunny outside so i think i'm going to go outside and enjoy it for awhile =)
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