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The weekend before thanksgiving weekend i made it out of the apartment exactly once, to go to food trucks saturday around noon. Both shelleycat and i were unable to resist picking up copies of Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity from Steam for $15, even though we both already owned copies of the original game. Partly that was because we were excited to see a Stardock game on Steam for the first time ever, partly because we had the original but not any of the expansions, and partly because $15 is pretty darn cheap for a game that good :) Of course that contributed to the doing nothing all weekend part :) We spent pretty much the whole time watching movies and playing Sins of a Solar Empire.

Oh! We did finally get around to finishing Full Metal Alchemist though! (The original series, not Brotherhood.)

Thanksgiving weekend i had a vague notion i might go to LosCon for a day, but net never ended up happening. On thanksgiving day itself we went to see Real Steel at the local cheapy theatre. We both thought it was fairly predictable but enjoyable. Pretty much a mashup of Rocky with giant robots. (I haven't read the original story, so i can't say anything at all about how faithful it is.)

After that we went to Botson Market for dinner, and found when we got there that somewhere around 30 to 40 people had also had that idea and were in line ahead of us. We stood in line for about five minutes before discovering that they were doing a limited holiday menu. The choice for the main course was limited to chicken or turkey. Since both shelleycat and i had been thinking of getting the meatloaf we decided to bail. We considered a couple different options for what to do next and ended up at Claim Jumper. Unfortunately they had a special holiday menu as well, but one of their options was prime rib, so we decided to stick with that. After that we spent the rest of the evening doing our usual computer and book related activites while watching "Punkin Chunkin", which for the uninitiated is a contest where different teams see who can launch a pumpkin the furthest via trebuchet, catapult, air cannon, or various other kinds of launching devices.

Friday was pretty much a laze about the apartment and do nothing day, except for venturing outside to get some food from Del Taco.

Saturday i went to the mall just long enough to go to Barnes & Noble and try out both the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet and ask the people there a lot of questions about them. The biggest issue i have with the devices is that there's only a single main button, a problem that both the Color and Tablet versions share. The Color is fully rootable, the Tablet has been partially hacked and you can sideload apps, but there's no Other OS option, at least not yet. However the improved processor speed and memory on the Tablet is fairly noticeably when trying to scroll around on a webpage with lots of multimedia content, so i ended up deciding to go with the Tablet. I'm definitely going to look into the sideloading process so i won't be limited to B&N's app store and if the Cyanogen people ever get it working i'll definitely try that as well.

The rest of saturday and all of sunday were pretty much just more sitting around, playing with computers/nooks and watching stuff on tv. I did make a trip to the store to get a lot of staples and some fresh french bread and cambozola cheese so we could have a nice dinner on sunday though :)
Tags: anime, food, movies, video games

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