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Not Friday Fun Post

Okay, it's not friday technically, but i don't have work tomorrow so what the hell? :)

Google has a new doodle up for thanksgiving, a kind of dress up turkey that lets you change the hair/hat it's wearing, each of the four feathers on its back, and its shoes. You can just mix and match to create whatever kind of turkey you want but there are some number of pre-set combos that give you some kind of bonus when you get them. I've figured out some but i'm kind of stumped on the rest.

Here's what i've got so far, behind a cut just in case you want to try and solve them yourself:

Pirate turkey (first one i got, before i realized there was a game to it): Eyepatch, peg leg, black or grey feathers. Bonus: A hat, beard, parrot, hook and treasure chest.

Sugar turkey: Brown poofy hair, sandals, plain white feathers. Bonus: The entire turkey turns into a sugar cube.

Wizard turkey: Wizard hat, wizard shoes (purple and curly) purple feathers (there are multiple purple options for some of the feathers, so if it doesn't work at first double-check each of them.) Bonus: a wand and a rabbit.

Space turkey: Black hat, plain feet (the ones pointing to the left, not the ones pointing apart) and the four feathers that look like they're wrapped in plastic (with horizontal lines, nut the bubble-wrap looking ones) Bonus: A helmet, moon boots and covering for the wing, and a space squid :)

Disco turkey: Brown poofy hair, roller skates, light blue feathers. Bonus: Headband, best, disco ball. (Note the reuse of the poofy hair. This means we can't necessarily eliminate a piece after it's been used =/)

I thought i'd figured out at least one more yesterday, but i can't seem to recreate it now. Has anyone found any others?
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