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Friday Fun Stuff

Been awhile since i've done this, so got some backlog.

First, i mentioned the NPR top 100 Science Fiction books before. Well now someone has put together a flow chart to help you pick one to read. (image file here) The flow chart is very amusing, probably more so if you're familiar with most of the books involved.

The rest of these are all from Topless Robot, so at least one person is going to be bored with them all :) (I really need to find a new source of random fun stuff)

First and best "David Bowie Enters the Andromeda Galaxy", or "Major Tom Is Not a Good Astronaut." I'm not a big David Bowie fan, so i'm not sure if it makes it more or less amusing, but i thought it was great.

"Transformers in 1-D" A cute spoof of both Bayformers and the whole 3D thing.

"Big Trouble In Little China: Keep Kurt Russell In The Dark," or "Big Confusion in Little China" which probably says all you need to know :)

Finally, ""Ghosts n' Goblins With Lyrics". I think i've said before that i'm not a fan of all, or even most of Brentalfloss' videos, but this one is pretty good. At least if you've actually played the original Ghosts n' Goblins.
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