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Civ5 multiplayer

I finally started playing Civ5 online with a friend of shelleycat's,"Actionwd", and i won two games last night :)

The first one we actually started last sunday. It was a One City Challenge game on a "smallish" (six player sized) continent world, Prince difficulty setting. He picked Greece and i went with Egypt. Unfortunately he wasn't familiar with setting up multiplayer games. Some random guy jumped in and claimed one of the other four spots. Actionwd booted him out but i noticed that the spot said AI and was bright green, while the other three spots said AI but were dimmed. I pointed this out be he didn't think it was a big problem. So we started up the game and i found i had a medium sized continent all to myself, while he was sharing a slightly larger continent with a single AI player :)

I had Marble in my city radius and that plus being Egypt plus Aristocracy meant i grabbed a lot of wonders. He got a couple good ones and the AI snagged a couple (particularly all the sea ones and Machu Pichu, which we weren't even capable of building with our single cities) but i got all the rest. We took a break around 1am sunday night/monday morning, but i was pretty close to a cultural victory. When we started back up friday night it took about an hour for me to wrap things up :) I didn't think to make a save game so i can't check the year, but the Hall of Fame says i won on turn 399.

So we started a second game on a Duel map, he picked the Aztecs so i decided to go with China as a properly warlike counterbalance. And it's a good thing i did. When we started out i was in a flatlands covered with forest and jungle. I had bananas and spices and some deer, but no hills. And when i researched iron working i discovered there was no iron anywhere near me. I was also getting a fair number of barbarians (and from what Actionwd said later about me "stealing" them all it seems like i was getting more than my fair share of the attention.) It didn't take long to see his score starting to creep ahead of mine, and what i could see of his territory via my scout did not look promising. He had hills, Iron, Marble and Stone =P I decided that the only possible good end was going to be a quick one. I started beelining for Machinery (unfortunately i'd already build the Great Library and spent the free tech on Philosophy =P) and built an extra warrior or two and a couple archers. Then when i got the chance i defeated a barbarian camp for a city-state that had access to iron and bribed them the rest of the way into an alliance, giving me a temporary supply of iron. I upgraded my Warriors to Swordsmen, built a catapult while waiting for Machinery to finish, then upgraded my archers to Chu-Ko-Nu and started heading towards Actionwd's city. Just as i started to do that the city-state i'd bribed gave me a second catapult! (Ironically, i'd originally been planning to ally with another Maritime city-state that also had iron but was a lot closer, but Actionwd got that one first =)

So i went to war with Three swordsmen, two catapults, two chu-ko-nu on the front line and a fresh third unit catching up from my city, with a garrisoned spearman guarding my back. (Probably shouldn't have bothered with that.) I also had just finished unlocking all of the Honor policies, and i had a Chinese Great General to back me up.

I believe he also had three swordsmen, two archers, and though i didn't know it a Horseman that was almost finished. He had no Great General, but he did have the Great Wall, which was kind of annoying =P

Multiplayer combat was interesting since there was a bit of a contest to see who could order their range units to attack first. He did a pretty good job of repulsing me, getting all three of my swordsmen into the red. I was going to pull back and heal for a bit, but then i remembered that there was an insta-heal option for the two that had just leveled up, which was enough to let me finish the battle. It probably wasn't necessary, but just as combat broke out my city-state ally gave me a new units... a Warrior =P Who didn't manage to do anything by himself but did manage to trip up the Swordsman that Actionwd was trying to send around my north flank so my Chu-ko-nu and catapults could take him out with no difficulty :) By the time i was done wiping out his units and had damaged the city a bit i only had one Swordsman left, but one was enough. The game ended in 880 AD, or turn 155 according to the Hall of Fame.

I'm not sure if we're going to do another OCC game next, or try a "real" game with multiple cities and multiple AIs and such.
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