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Deconstructing Superheroes

I've watched Megamind way too many times in the past month. There's something about media that deconstructs superhero tropes that really appeals to me. There is a fine line or something though, because although i enjoyed Watchmen it isn't the kind of thing that sucks me into watching it over and over again.

Things that do fall into the category:

The Incredibles
Kick-Ass (Which in some ways is darker than Watchmen, and yet also more amusing and more rewatchable.)
Soon I Will Be Invincible (Which is actually a book, but i'm definitely going to read it again at some point.)

I really need to watch Sky High. I've seen part of it and it seems like it _might_ fall into the same category. I also keep hearing about Mystery Men as well, and i really ought to check that out at some point. Monsters vs Aliens definitely had some of the same feel to it, though it was aimed at deconstructing a slightly different genre.

Can anyone else think of any examples that i've forgotten about? Or better yet aren't even aware of yet and ought to check out? :)
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