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This is hilarious

Although it might just be that i'm reading it at 3am =)

From about Final Fantasy X.

"Right about now, my airship is parked just outside the final confrontation, but I really have no intention of actually going in there. A kind of angry, bipedal can-opener with fetal alcohol syndrome makes its home in those parts, and I've decided that's not for me. As in other games of this series, you reach a point where things open up a bit and you can take part in rewarding exploration. I was only goofing around until I had a block of time to commit to the final events, but once your generic "goofing around" totals more than ten hours it's hard to write it off. I spent much of Sunday leveling up near a save point, and though I told myself that it was in preparation to complete the game, I knew deep down this wasn't so. And I can give or take the AP, which is Japanese for XP. I did it because nothing else matters to me anymore aside from the victory theme that accompanies each successful battle. Some weird-ass vegetable guys will get in my grill, and I will summon an agonized being that ravages them with the knowledge that he exists suspended in torment. That's an attack for Chrissake, you can choose it from a menu. This is assuming that they don't piss him off enough to see his Overdrive attack, which deals (on average) around fifty-thousand more hit points than the vegetable man's entire civilization. I destroy him and his kind, partly because they started it but mostly to hear the pretty music. They might learn to stay away, if any of them ever survived the desolation, the blowing up or the catching on fire."

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