DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I've just activated the Google+ part of my Donaithnen gmail account, and you can find it here.

I added a couple people to my Circles, but don't consider the choices indicative of anything. I just didn't want this new profile to mirror the old one too quickly. I'll gradually add more people (and may delete some people from the old one since i don't really post anything there) but anyone who wants to friend the new one go ahead and i'll add you back right away :)

At least to start it will mainly be used for mirroring LJ posts, since a lot less people seem to check LJ than they used to =P Again over time i may start doing more original content over there, which may or may not get mirrored over here.

Of course the wheels may all come off this if Google gets pissed off at me on account of the #nymwars and tries to make me "fix" it. If i can't convince them that using this name in a half-dozen different places makes it legitimate then i'll just have to disable the damn thing =P
Tags: evil, google

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