DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Bad news and good news and bad news

Last night stormfeather tipped me off that Thundercats didn't seem to be scheduled for its usual 8:30 time slot. I checked out the schedule on our end and confirmed that it wasn't playing over here either :( I little research seems to indicate that it's on hiatus for the next six weeks. The best guess i've seen for why, aside from it just being relatively normal for shows to take mid-season breaks these days, is that they wanted new episodes on TV around the christmas season when kids will be begging parents for toys.

The silver lining though was that while checking the schedule i noticed that there was a "Lego Star Wars" schedule a couple hours before the extra long "Clone Wars" episode that was taking up Thundercats' usual time slot. I'm not a big fan of Clone Wars. It certainly doesn't help that it's founded on the prequel movies canon, something else that i'm not very fond of. However even worse than that i really don't like the animation style. I guess it's not a _bad_ style, but it so does not say "Star Wars" to me.

However i had a lot of fun with the Lego Star Wars games, despite the fact that most of the ones i played took place during the prequel timeframe, so i decided to at least check the special out, and i'm glad i did. For a couple minutes it seemed like they were going to take things halfway serious, but then things started going rapidly off the rails. The point where i become convinced i was probably going to like it was when they killed Jar Jar. Then Threepio runs over and says "Poor Jar Jar... oh well." Things get progressively sillier and less canon throughout the rest of the show. I'm rather sad that i didn't think to save a copy of it on our DVR, though not sorry enough that i'm willing to go out and buy a copy of the DVD which is apparently being released as a cross-promotion with the BluRay of the films.

In less happy news, i grabbed a copy of David Weber's "How Firm a Foundation" off of Audible earlier in the week. I haven't actually started listening to it yet because i decided to re-read the previous book in the series first to refresh myself. However i did notice that they've changed readers... again :( The first two books were read by Oliver Wyman, who is a great reader who did a wonderful job on those and has also done at least a dozen other books for Audible that i've enjoyed. Then for the third and fourth book they replaced him with someone else, someone who hasn't done any other books i've listened to. He did a perfectly decent job of it, but even so it's always disconcerting when you hear someone new reading the book when you've accustomed yourself to another voice. The new author for the fifth book isn't anyone i've ever heard of either, so best case scenario it will take me awhile to get used to his voice, and of course worst case scenario he'll screw the whole thing up =P
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