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Oh hey, i'd forgotten that DragonCon being over does mean one good thing, David Weber's "How Firm a Foundation" (Safehold book #5) comes out next week!

And then Taylor Anderson's "Firestorm" (Destroyermen book #6) will be out on October 4th and Vernor Vinge's "The Children of the Sky" (the actual sequel to "A Fire Upon the Deep," unlike "A Deepness in the Sky" which was a prequel) will be out on October 11th. I'll be picking up Weber and Anderson's books day of on Audible, not sure about Vinge's. I may want to get that one physically.

In other media news, we watched two movies today, both of which were better than i expected, "Megamind" and "The Warrior's Way." The first is a CG comedy about a superhero and a supervillain and the second is a moderately bloody Ninja movie meets Western movie meets circus performers trope. I was dubious about the first because of the trailers and the second because of the premise, but i thought both of them did a pretty good job of what they were trying to do.
Tags: books, movies

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