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Friday fun stuff

Hey coraa, have you seen this video? :) (If nothing else i've got to say it's the most appropriate video i think i've ever posted using this user icon =)

For people not interested in Ponies, i assume by this point everyone has heard that the new new (new?) Star Wars has some more changes to it? The stupidest of which is that Vader has to do not one but two big "Noooo!"s before/while throwing the Emperor into the pit. (Oh, btw, spoilers! ;)

Well someone took that atrocity and used it as a starting point to make a pretty amusing mashup.

And speaking of Star Wars and Vader and spoilers, apparently not everyone already knew that "Vader" means "father" in some languages, and it is blowing their minds.

And speaking of Star Wars and ruining things forever, someone dug up an old transcript of George Lucas giving a speech to Congress in 1988 in which he tells them that people deserve to be able to watch movies the way they were originally created, and anyone who goes around changing them in order to "improve" them or to fit a more modern aesthetic needs to go die in a fire. ...okay, i'm paraphrasing a bit there, but that's the general gist.

I wonder if there are video clips of that and the Daily Show could put together a past Lucas vs present Lucas type thing?

Edit: Oh hey coraa, if jmpava hasn't shown it to you yet already you really ought to take a look at the Topless Robot list for today, "10 Badass Women from Fantasy Literature", i saw #6 and just had to tell you about it :)
Tags: fun stuff
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