DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Silly with board games

There were only three of us at gaming tonight. We played two real games of 7 Wonders, and then decided to experiment. we put almost all of the cards into the game (all but one of the browns, one of the blues, and two of the purples) and played the regular way with the "keep going till you've got two cards in your hand" rule.

Needless to say we put out a _lot_ of cards. I got a pretty medicore city (though i didn't realize it at first) but i managed to win because i got five of the eight guild cards, for a total of 175 points. shelleycat came in second with 150 some odd points because she had a ton of green cards, and dave came in third with 140 some odd points because he didn't do especially well in any given category. (Though in this case "not especially well" meant getting "only" 20-30 points in most of the categories.)

Kinda fun, but clearly unbalanced and takes awhile to sort through that many cards.
Tags: board/card games

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