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So since i'm only planning on doing carry-ons for the plane originally i was figuring i would just skip out on any kind of costume at DragonCon this year (other than brining my kilt along so i can get blown of course =) however Abney Park is going to be there _and_ there's going to be the steampunk picture thing on sunday.

My duster would take up a significant amount of space in my duffel, however i _could_ just wear it for the flight there and back. Packing goggles would be no problem of course, and i'll already have the boots and black pants. However i'm not sure how well the peasant/pirate shirt would pack. It would fit in the duffel easily enough, i'm just not sure how well it would recover. Would doing the goggles and duster without the floofy shirt look steampunky enough? Or should i pack the shirt and hope for the best? Or just not bother?

(Obviously i'm not even thinking about trying to carry my awesome steampunk gun on the airplane, even if it is just a remodeled NES Zapper :)
Tags: cons, conventions, costumes

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