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Woot! I have roommates for the con! More importantly, the roommates come with a room attached! :)

I'm gonna be in the downtown Marriott, which looks to be about 0.3 miles from the Hyatt. Not quite as good as being in a con hotel itself, but it was the first "ad" i responded to and i got an immediate response, so i'm happy with that :) And as an added bonus they're also boardgamers. I usually don't do a lot of that at cons, but it's still nice :)

So _now_ all i've got to do is get packed. And find someplace to buy one of those little TSA approved travel kits. And finish up the first stage of the project i'm working on at work. And find some time to get some sleep before getting up at 3ish am on thursday for my flight =P
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