DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


So over the weekend Tripoli pretty much fell down and went boom, which seems like it ought to be the endgame in the more extended process of Libya falling down and going boom.

My thoughts...

1: If we _have_ to have foreign intervention as part of our international policy, can we please have more interventions like this and less like Iraq? Don't invade a country with a leader we don't like just cuz. Wait until there's a popular uprising and support the uprising form afar. It shouldn't be our job to free people who aren't willing to fight to free themselves, and hopefully if they're the ones doing the fighting on the ground they can't view us as foreign occupiers afterwards.

2: Damn, Gaddafi has a lot of sons! (And possibly other family members?) I've totally lost track of which Gaddafi is the one who matters. They keep capturing Gaddafis who aren't the "real" Gaddafi. It almost seems like some kind of bizarre game of Go Fish.

3: I sure hope this revolution turns out better than the French one.

4: You know, it almost seems like there was some kind of collective unconsciousness thing going on with the French Revolution. If we're going to fail at democratic revolution, let's fail with STYLE! The Americans may have been the first to have a successful democratic revolution, but if we screw each and every aspect up badly enough then centuries from now _we_ will be the ones they talk about when they talk about how _not_ to do a revolution!

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