DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Lady Gaga, Google+ and Nyms

There's been some talk lately about the best way to convince Google to change its stance on the use of pseudonyms. The conclusion that i happen to agree with is that since Google has shown themselves to be unwilling to discuss the issue in a rational manner the next best step is to try and bring attention to the issue in mainstream media.

Now unfortunately i don't really have any connections with the mainstream media and don't really have much experience in spreading the word about anything myself. (Hey, i'm lucky if my posts here get any replies at all =) However there is one idea that's been floating around in my head for awhile in that regard.

Has anyone actually tried approaching Lady Gaga about this issue? She gets brought up pretty frequently in relation to this topic since Google made a big point out of how they were inviting celebrities like her to use Google+ when in fact "Lady Gaga" is not technically her legal name. However i think that's actually more of a side issue.

Lady Gaga has made a big deal out of supporting and advocating for the LGBT community. And i think the LGBT community is the largest and most cohesive group of people in the USA who could be negatively affected by the "real name" requirement for Google+. Lady Gaga seems to be of the "it ought to okay to be loud and proud" mentality but i doubt she feels that anyone who wants to participate in the LGBT community on social networks but doesn't feel comfortable going public with their real name yet ought to be thrown under the bus.

If you want mainstream attention brought to the issue i don't think there could be a bigger way of doing so than getting Lady Gaga to speak out about it. So how does one, or more likely many ones, bring something like this to her attention? Try to get some kind of twitter campaign trending? (A project for #nymwars perhaps? Can someone think of snappy message in 120 characters or less?) Keep spreading the idea until someone who knows her personally catches wind of it? I don't know, but if anyone who's more clued in than me wants to take any steps in that direction that would be awesome.
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