DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I've got a job again!

Or at least i will as soon as they send me the form and i sign it =)

I start on the 14th, which is a bit sooner than i ideally wanted, but oh well.

I talked to Enid and she agreed that i should try negotiating with them about the salary so i called at about 3 today and explained what i wanted. (I'd tried calling at 1:00, but he wasn't in his office at that point) He said that he would go talk with the other people in charge of hiring and let me know.

He called back at 7pm and said that they had agreed and were now offering 1.5K more than they had been before, bringing the total up to 59K, and i said that that sounded good, and he said he'd put the new form in the mail for me to sign.

In other news i need to get up early tomorrow to go get the flat tire on my car fixed *grumble*

Ah well, missing out on sleep is nice =)

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