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I still haven't figured out why the Amazon Daily Deal emails have stopped (unsubscribing and resubscribing didn't seem to do anything) but that's okay, plenty of other people are offering deals, far too many for my own good probably =P

Steam is doing another bigish sale weekend, mainly because of their Quakecon deal. In order to celebrate Quakecon this weekend they have a pack that includes all Id and Bethesda games, which confused me for a bit until i remembered that both companies got bought out by ZeniMax. The pack includes a little over 30 games and expansion packs for $70, and for once i don't think i own any of the games involved, or certainly not more than one or two. The main temptations for me would be Commander Keen (out of nostalgia) and Fallout 3/New Vegas, although i'm not sure if i'd actually enjoy them or not since i'm not usually a big fan of FPS games.

(Of course i'm a little annoyed at Bethesda right now for suing the makers of Minecraft for daring to title their next game "Scrolls", cause you know, having made a game called "Elder Scrolls" gives you exclusive use of the word "Scrolls" (and presumably "Elder" as well) in all other games for the rest of eternity =P)

If you'd rather have some newer, cheaper games, The Humble Indie Bundle #3 is now available from, er, the people who do the Humble Indie Bundle :) As usual it started out with five games, for which you can choose to pay any price and choose how to divvy up the funds between the people who made the games, the EFF, Child's Play, and the people who put the whole deal together. And also as usual they started adding in extras as time went by. It's now up to all the HIB #3 games, plus the HIB #2 games (if you pay more than the average price of $5) plus "Steel Storm" and "Atom Zombie Smasher" (which i've talked about before) plus a week or so of free access to Minecraft (which i've talked about before extensively =)

And finally, GOG is doing a sale on Might and Magic games.

So what have i actually been playing lately when all these new(ish) games are available?

... X-Com. The original one. With the old graphics and the turn basedness and all that. I didn't really mean to start playing that, i was actually looking for something like TradeWars 2000. I'd gotten some games from Steam awhile back, creatively titled "X", "X2" and "X3" that were supposed to be space trading sims, but they were _also_ space combat sims, _and_ the controls kind of sucked, so i gave up on them pretty fast. But then right above the "X" games was "X-Com", so...
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