DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Good news/Bad news: Rollerblading

Yesterday was fairly warm (70-75) and i was able to leave work fairly early, so i went straight to the beach and did some rollerblading, That makes the second time this week, yay! Perhaps if i can keep this schedule up for the rest of the summer i can lose the 10-15 pounds i've gained since last year =P

Of course that's going to be somewhat complicated by the fact that while i was out my rollerblades broke =P One of the bolts attaching two parts of the rollerblades snapped, which is the exact same thing that happened to my indoor pair of rollerblades as well. In fact it was the exact same bolt for both of them, the one on the inner side of the left shoe. I guess perhaps i put more strain there than on the other three bolts?

They're still usable, but they feel more unstable this way. I "fixed" the indoor pair by just looping some twine through the bolt hole many multiples of times and then tying it off. I could do the same with my outdoor pair, but i really ought to look into getting them repaired, or possibly even buying a new pair or two. Of course last i checked new pairs of rollerblades cost about $100-$200 each, which is fairly significant. I'd recently been thinking about placing an order with the Ring Lord and starting a chainmail project or two, but i'm not sure if i can afford to do that _and_ replace my rollerblades =P

I'll have to see how much it would cost to repair them and then consider things. Perhaps i could get away with repairing one and replacing the other. The outdoor pair are getting kind of worn in other regards as well. I think one of the reasons that i keep getting blisters on the sides of my heels is that i've started to wear through the padding on the inside.
Tags: exercise, money, rollerblading

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