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24 July 2011 @ 10:13 pm
Drowning in books  
I've been reading more books than usual lately. A side effect of that is that it encourages me to buy more books. Unfortunately(?) when i get in that mood i tend to buy books faster than i can read them. Of course now i've bought most of the books i want for awhile, so if i can keep this reading rate up i should work through them in a reasonable amount of time, but that's kind of a big if.

In the last 3-6 months i've acquired:

Iain M Banks - Inversions
Iain M Banks - Look To Windward
Ben Bova - The Asteroid Wars (3 book Omnibus)
Gail Carriger - Heartless
Jasper Fforde - The Well of Lost Plots
LE Modesitt Jr - Imager's Challenge
LE Modesitt Jr - Imager's Intrigure
LE Modesitt Jr - Legacies
Rachel Neumeier - The Griffin Mage Trilogy (3 book Omnibus)
Alastair Reynolds - House of Suns
Alastair Reynolds - Galactic North
Mary Doria Russell - The Sparrow
Karl Schroeder - Virga (2 book Omnibus)
Charles Stross - On Her Majesty's Occult Service (2 book Omnibus)
David Weber - Mission of Honor

and last, but far from least...
George RR Martin - A Dance With Dragons

So the important question is of course what to read next. I'm about halfway through the last book in the Novel category for the Hugos. So do i see if i can get all the way through the Novellas and/or Novelettes within the next week, or do i just skip those and go straight on to A Dance With Dragons? :)

I still haven't figured out who i'm going to be voting for for Best Novel, though it's not going to be the current book unless it improves a lot in the second half. I think i'm kinda torn between Lois McMaster Bujold and Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire. I certainly can't think of anyone better than Bujold to beat Heinlein's record for must Hugos, but although i didn't dislike it as much as a lot of people i don't think "Cryoburn" is her best book either. I may be unduly biased towards Seanan McGuire since i've been a fan of hers ever since i discovered her music at BayCon, but "Feed" _is_ a very good book, and quite different from what she's been doing with the fairy series (at least as far as i've gotten with it.)
Kevinbellwethr on July 25th, 2011 06:00 am (UTC)
Both of the Reynolds books are fabulous, and if you haven't read the Stross stories yet, you'll absolutely love them!

The Sparrow is probably deeper than most and very moving -- not your typical SF! I loved it.