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So i gave into one of Amazon's deals of the day and ordered a Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard. I admit it was partly for the shininess (or perhaps the way in which is sucks shiny?) but also because i haven't been especially happy with the Microsoft keyboard i originally got with this keyboard. It looked like a decent keyboard on the website, but it wasn't till it actually arrived that i found that the function keys were really small and had were just a straight row with no spacing/grouping, so i kept hitting the wrong F-key all the time.

So the new keyboard arrived today, and it is shiny. And also veeery thin, in part of course because it doesn't need to fit normal batteries inside. The new key layout is taking a little bit of getting used to, but that's pretty normal with a new keyboard and the "new" function key layout is definitely a lot better. There's only two potentially minor downsides. It doesn't have a wrist-rest extension thingy at the bottom. I've always thought those were kind of silly, but apparently i've gotten kind of used to it with the old keyboard. Hopefully it's something i can unadapt to. Also, the new keyboard doesn't have the extra row of hardware related keys the old one did. I never used most of them, but i did use the mute, volume down and volume up buttons a lot. The new keyboard does have those functions, but they're mapped to the F keys with the use of "FN" key to use the alternate functionality. Unfortunately there's only one FN key and it's on the right side, which is also the side the volume keys are on, and i have to shift my right hand kind of oddly to use them. Perhaps i can remap the windows key on the left as a FN key as well?

But anyways, there's also one really cool new thing, aside just form the fact that it's solar powered. There's an extra app you can install off the Logitech website, which after installation will pop up whenever you hit the sensor button on they keyboard. Without the app that button just activates a green LED next to a smiley face if it thinks it's getting enough light, and a red LED next to a frowny face if it thinks it isn't. With the app you get a little window that not only tells you the current battery charge, it also gives you an exact reading from the solar panels in lux!!!

Right now if i put the keyboard right up against the monitor it's getting about 35 lux. If i pull it out of the monitor's shadow it goes up to about 60 lux. Earlier today it was about 55 lux even right next to the monitor, but there was a lot more light coming in the window at that point. When i held it up to the window before it was getting between 300 and 500 lux, but it's only getting about 150-250 that way now. Also, it's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the red laser pointer we got from the pet store adds about half a lux to the total.

All in all this keyboard is a lot more fun than i was expecting :)

On another note though, i don't suppose anyone else has signed up for the Amazon Deal of the Day emails and noticed that they've stopped showing up for the last week or so? Amazon still claims i'm subscribed, and they don't seem to be getting sent to my junk mail folder...
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