DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Pre-Friday Fun Stuff

While browsing the TVTropes page for The Last Airbender, i found a link to what is perhaps the Ur example of (almost) everything that is bad with the movie.

The Pebble Dance.

A: A bunch of the enemy are just standing around while....
B: A bunch of the good guys go through a very intricate routine to perform some bending which is...
C: Totally pathetic, both in terms of the actual effect (a single, slow moving rock) and in terms of the "impressiveness" of the CG

It's quite possibly the worst case of all of those problems in the entire movie, but it's still very representative of the types of problems the movie has.

Just about the only thing it doesn't cover is the stupid exposition, but never fear! So far i haven't found any clips with the "they became friends right away" bit, but there is this bit of in-character exposition which is almost as bad.
Tags: movies

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