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Reese's really is out to get me! :) We went to the store this morning to do some random grocery shopping, and went through the breakfast cereal so shelleycat could get some Cherrios. And on the shelf right above the Cheerios was a box of Reese's cereal!

So of course after making the post yesterday i just _had_ to grab a box of that. That's my excuse and i'm sticking to it :)

shelleycat joked about me getting the unhealthy stuff, which caused us to stop and see if there really was any significant difference. The Reese's had _slightly_ more fat (2% vs 3) and _slightly_ more calories (110 vs 120) but otherwise was identical for all the stats that most people would care about. However shelleycat is not on a usual diet. We were surprised to discover that the Reese's cereal actually had significantly less potassium and a little less phosphorus, so in her case the Reese's is actually healthier than the Cheerios! :)

On the subject of the previous post, i did vote for "Willy Wonka" as the candy i would choose if i had to give up everything else, which i still think is true. But i _was_ tempted to pick Reese's instead. And i think that is my personal difference between the two. If i'm making a rational choice ahead of time i'll choose to get Willy Wonka stuff (that is what i keep ordering large quantities of from Amazon after all) but if i walk down the candy aisle in the store it's usually Reese's that i'm most tempted to grab a couple of right there and then.
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