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Friday Fun Poll: Candy

I'm dooooomed! I just recently discovered that Reese's makes ice cream bars! Peanut butter ice cream covered in chocolate! They're exactly as yummy as they sound at second! (After getting over the "peanut butter ice cream? SRSLY?" response.)

In related news, the store was also having a sale on regular Reese's candy, so i picked up some of those as well. I happened to notice on the packaging that they've actually trademarked the color orange. Only as a background color on candy packaging yes, but still, they've trademarked orange!

In any case however, it seems that Reese's is trying to single-handedly destroy my health this week. Which got me thinking, if i had to stick with just one kind of candy for the rest of my life, what would i go with? Reese would certainly be a contender, but then so would Willy Wonka. And then i figured hey, i haven't done a poll for awhile, let's get everyone involved! :)

After a little more thinking about what exactly "one kind" means, i decided to go with advertised brand. So if you pick Hershey or Nestle you get everything that says "Hershey" or "Nestle" in reasonably big letters on the front of the packaging, not anything with "A product of the [whichever] group" on the back in tiny letters along with the rest of the legal information. (Although interestingly even if that were allowed my choice still wouldn't be easy, since Hershey owns Reese and Nestle owns Willy Wonka.) This does make it a little hard on some companies (Mars in particular) that don't do a lot of cross-product branding on their products, but it's the only way i can think of that still provides a reasonable number of choices.

And since the definition of candy can be a bit hazy, i'm going to go with "any sweet snack food," so things like Twinkies are included. Although i admit that part of the reason for making that concession is that thinking about the basic idea immediately brought Zombieland to mind :)

So, who knows what would bring about this strange scenario, but if your only option for sweet snack food for the rest of your life was just one advertising brand, which would you want?

Poll #1762001 If you were stuck with one brand of snack food for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Pick one

Willy Wonka
Just Born
Little Debbie
Oreo (May actually have Nabisco branding on the packaging, not sure about that.)
Some other brand that I will detail below
There's a specific non-affiliated candy bar that I just couldn't live without that I will detail bellow
I don't eat sweets
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