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I mostly slacked off yesterday. I played some video games, read teh Utena and Video Girl Ai manga that i'd bought at Borders, read Over Sea and Under Stone, and watched some anime.

I watched Akira all the way through for the first time ever, and it was pretty interesting. Probably not original, but very early examples of a lot of standard themes.

Then Shawkial and Gwri and i watched the Utena movie. I'm not sure what to say. I'm glad we watched it together, because laughing about the surrealism as a group was about as much fun as the movie itself.

As far as we can tell they decided to pack the same amount of confusion found in the entire Utena series into the one movie, and the only way they found to accomplish that involved heavy drug use.

Utena turned into a _car_ Anthy had a hole going all the way through her chest! People and things would just kind of randomly turn into other people and things!

We looked at the interview with the director and voice actors afterwards, and it was great watching them try to explain how different and surreal and utterly strange the movie was without making it sound bad =)

The DVD also had the japanese and american trailers. I don't know what the japanese ones said, but the american ones were great. Interspersed with scenes from the movie were statements that said "Forget everything you knew..." "Forget everything you've seen..." Forget everyone you met" "Because nothing will ever be the same" "Revolutionizing a whole new world" I think that's about the best tack the marketing people could have taken =)

So the good things about the movie. Utena and Anthy have a much more... interesting relationship than in the series =)

Shawkial said she like the way Utena and Anthy looked in the movie better,. I might agree about Utena if they hadn't done such a weird job of drawing her (long) hair. Anthy i'm not so sure about. She's definatly prettier (using the classical sense of the word) in the movie, but i'm not sure if i like it or not.

And overall it was fun in a bizare sureal nonsensical way =)

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