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24 March 2011 @ 05:49 pm
That's not a good sign :(  
I've seen a couple different trailers for Sucker Punch, and as much as one can tell anything from a trailer, it looked really cool. It's like someone smashed together every action scene in every anime you've ever seen together. I was a bit worried because it was by the same guy who did 300, but it was also by the same guy who did Watchmen, so clearly it could go either way.

I started leaning a little more towards the worried side when i checked Rotten Tomatoes on monday or tuesday and it didn't have any reviews up yet. Then i got even more worried when i checked again this morning and it was at 40%. Well, Tron Legacy got 50% and i thought that was great, so not _necessarily_ bad news. Well now it's down to 26% :'(

To further expand on my "Tron Legacy as a litmus test for unpopular movies that i like", i checked the Rotten Tomatoes cheat sheet of every reviewer who had good things to say about Tron Legacy. That turns out to be 107 out of the 216 reviewers.

Only 12 of those people have had anything to say about Sucker Punch so far, and only 3 of those people liked it. So about 75% of everyone didn't like it, regardless of how they felt about Tron Legacy :( That doesn't really make it a good candidate for us spending around $20 to go see it in theatres opening weekend. Maybe more positive reviews will come in, or maybe someone we know or know of will have something particular to say about it, but otherwise it sounds like a candidate for the cheapy theatre or Netflix.
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Madman Across the Water: Mugglemadmanatw on March 25th, 2011 01:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, from the trailers I saw I figured Sucker Punch was either going to be unspeakably awesome no matter how terrible it was as a story, or it was going to be utterly terrible. I'm going to wait until a few friends see it before I spend any money on it.