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23 July 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Last post for tonight, i promise, maybe :)  
I know i mentioned GetGlue before :)

Well after four weeks of using it i've got to say i'm still having a lot more fun with it than i have with Foursquare. It's still possibly that the New Website Energy may wear off (hmmm, that's _almost_ a recursive acronym =) but it definitely seems to have a lot more potential for a geek like me :)

What i do find a little strange is the friending/subscribing. I admit that the choices of who i've subscribed to on the site are a little arbitrary (aside from the few people i actually know of course,) but i find it truly bizarre the number and kind of people who've subscribed to me. It's certainly not a particularly large number compared to what a lot of other people have got, but a fair number of the people seem to be male, and a fair number of them don't seem to have much of a selection of "likes" in common with me, which pretty much eliminates the two criteria i use for subscribing to people i don't know *cough*

It might be that due to rather heavy usage in the last week i managed to make it onto several of the leader boards (#10 in "top users," #5 in "top book users" and "top topic users" #14 in "top video game users" #8 in "top restaurant users" and #30 in "top guru users") but i find it kind of hard to believe that people would actually use being in the leader boards (something that gets cycled through every week) as a basis for subscribing to people, and as far as i can tell about a third of the people subscribed before i was even up there, although maybe i didn't actually notice the leaderboards early enough to notice when i got on there.

Of course since there's almost no social interaction on the site at all perhaps i ought to just subscribe back to all the people who've subscribed to me, it doesn't seem like it matters a great deal like it does on other sites. Although that would mean that updates about the few people i'm actually interested in would get drowned out by all the chaff. I wonder if there's a way to set filters for the update stream?
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