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09 February 2010 @ 08:18 pm
One of the best things about Wumpskate is that it is the only venue where i'm in the top 10% of the "dancers" there. Because it doesn't matter how dorky and rhythmically challenged i am if 90% of the people there don't even try :)

I got there about 9:05, right after opening, and was the third person out on the rink. World on Wheels (the rink that hosts Wumpskate) seems to be doing some remodeling. The first thing i noticed was that the roller skate rack area was closed off and instead half the area where people sit down to put the skates on was filled with a field of roller skates. The second thing i noticed was that the bathrooms were closed. The third thing i noticed was that the last three or four feet of the east end of the rink were roped off.

Another change from the last time i was there (three or four months ago) was that there was no Doomie serving tacos and no free snacks and no drinks being sold. They did have the actual snack stand open part of the time, selling pieces of pizza or something i think. I'm not sure if that was directly related to the lack of Doomie and free snacks or not.

According to the workout app on my phone i was rollerblading for almost exactly three hours of the four hours i was there. Unfortunately it seems that the pedometer function doesn't work so well for rollerblading, and the GPS function obviously isn't of much help when you're just skating in circles, so there was no record of distance and thus no record of speed and thus no record of calories burned =P I also tried out the "Shazam" app during some of the times when i was taking a break, which is supposed to be able to listen to music and tell you what the song is. I tried it out on five or six songs and it had about a 50% success rate. (I was really tempted to try it out on "Closer to Mario" just to laugh at the expected failure, except i decided i was much more interested in actually getting back out on the rink to skate/dance to it =)

I was kind of amused that they did a Lada GaGa song (LoveGame,) as were a lot of other people given the reaction when it started playing, and kind of annoyed that they did it during one of the skating clockwise segments.

I did backwards skating for the last ten or fifteen minutes, and it seems that my nascent skills haven't deserted me, but some of my muscles did start trying to cramp up after the first couple minutes. I managed to skate on through that though. Speaking of such things though, what is the best way to stretch out that tendon(?) along your inner thigh leading up into your crotch? Because i keep straining it or overexerting it or something for rollerblading, especially at Wumpskate =P

Anyways i headed home shortly after it closed at 1 and got home at 2, and then shelleycat made me go take a shower even though i was perfectly dry by that point =P Got two or two and a half hours of sleep and got up at 5.
受け継がれる意志: Black Lake :{iconpile}:doctorskuld on February 10th, 2010 07:48 am (UTC)
Because it doesn't matter how dorky and rhythmically challenged i am if 90% of the people there don't even try :)

LOL, goths. That was so high school. I'm surprised they're still around. XD
DonAithnen: Rollerbladedonaithnen on February 10th, 2010 08:47 pm (UTC)
Well most of them are fine with dancing at regular clubs, so it's just something about skating.

Perhaps it's just that trying to dance while skating looks even dorkier than normal dancing, or perhaps they don't have (or don't feel they have) the very moderate skill level necessary to do it without falling over.

But to me at least it doesn't seem to take any extra skill at all to skate in rhythm to the music (just the feet, no arm waving) and in fact in my case it seems to take extra energy _not_ to skate in that rhythm.