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02 September 2009 @ 07:48 pm
Went out rollerblading again today. However not only did i get started about 30 minutes later than on monday, it was also colder, cloudier, wetter and windier than on monday. In fact shortly after i'd already decided to call it quits early i saw a literal wall of fog climbing up the hill on the point at the end of the bay. I got defocused by music/exercise for a few minutes and when i started paying attention again the bank of fog had quickly progressed down the beach and i was skating right into it. Definitely a good time to quit. Plus, i have plenty of packing i need to perform tonight :)

Anyways, i got about 9 miles under my wheels in about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Oh yeah, and part of the reason i was a little later than on monday is that i stopped by Best Buy on the way home, and picked up 4 new 2 GB SD cards and a cheap little wallet thing for storing memory cards, for a total of $55. I can do either 45 minutes or 85 minutes of video on each card, depending on whether i do 15 or 30 frames per second. (There are a couple panels that different people are interested in getting a video of.)