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08 May 2009 @ 10:09 pm
Season finale! But hopefully not the series finale! :)

So given the preview from last week, i guess he _didn't_ want Echo for her original personality, and we know that's not who she was imprinted with.

He's craaaaazy, but we knew that already :)

Um, who is the other person they grabbed? I missed that somehow.

Okay, i was totally confused about who Whiskey was at first, i thought it was Echo =P Luckily shelleycat clued me in.

If Whiskey was who he first got focused on, why did he switch to Echo later?

*sigh* For an Home Superior or whatever she's _really_ bad about not finishing off her opponent.

_and_ really bad about keeping an eye on him after _not_ finishing him

_and_ not finishing him a _second_ time after that! Geez!!

So did they keep a copy of the _good_ Ubermesnch? Seems like she might be good to have around when they encounter Alpha again.

So why did he not introduce himself to her if... oh...

Hmm, i think i may need to rewatch the episode later to pick up on some of the minor details...
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Celesteashke on May 9th, 2009 05:51 pm (UTC)
this episode is SO awesome (not completely done watching it). i LOVE alan tudyk(?) the guy who is currently playing "alpha". The people play such great parts and it is getting SO good. I do hope it does come back next season but we shall see.