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13 February 2009 @ 08:52 pm
Scary movies and stupidity  
Oh yeah, and one of the threads off the stuff from the last post has gotten me kinda curious about a movie called "Dog Soldiers." It was being described as both "Aliens but with werewolves instead of aliens," and as an homage to "Zulu," which sounds kinda intriguing. It's supposed to be a horror movie, but if it actually is like Aliens perhaps it wouldn't be too bad... I'd certainly want to watch it with shelleycat around though just to be safe.

Oh yeah, speaking of horror movies, shelleycat and i are planning to go see Coraline this weekend. I don't remember being that scared by the audiobook version, but it's probably just as well i'll be seeing it with her anyways, again, just to be safe :)

And speaking of _that_, i just got an email from the SFBC a couple days ago with the subject line: "Before You See The Movie: Read Coraline"

Um, no? That sounds like a horrible idea. Has there any been any stupider advice given in regards to books and movies? Yeah, read the book _right_ before going to the movie, so that every single deviation will jump right out at you =P

I know their goal is to sell books, but couldn't they have done "now that you've seen the movie, read the book!" instead?
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Kirin: Gankutsuou-SDcountkirinn on February 14th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
There are some creepy bits in Coraline, but I think they're a lot more awesome-creepy than horror-creepy. Are you gonna see it in 3D? There must be a bunch of 3D theaters in your area... (Note that in Google "Coraline" and "Coraline 3D" get you separate showtime searches.)

There are obviously differences from the book, but I think they all work well for the most part. The most notable is one entirely new character who's there to allow dialog and interaction in scenes where the book would've used narration or introspection.

The miniatures modeling is amaaaaaazing.