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07 August 2007 @ 10:43 pm
Yay! KSPC has started doing a video game music show again!

Boo! They're doing it from four to six when i'm normally at work and can't listen to it!

I'm a little confused about the day though. I went out to my car at a little before five today and before i turned on my FM transmitter i heard one of the Mario themes playing in the background. This got my attention of course so i let the radio kept playing and it segued into a whole medley of Mario NES music and then on into other NES games. When i got home i checked their webpage and they do indeed have "The Retro Videogame Music Show" listed on their programming from 4 to 6, but it's supposed to be for fridays. *confused*
Current Mood: confusedconflicted