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13 May 2004 @ 10:28 am
I just had an odd thought  
I think the whole Abu Ghraib mess has probably killed one of the Republicans standard lines of attack against Kerry. For awhile they were making a big deal about him coming back from the Vietnam War and then accusing the soldiers in Vietnam of commitng attrocities. They specifically criticized him for using sources that hadn't been well documented and verified.

Whether or not he used valid sources for his data is still an open question, but i don't see how the Republicans can possibly bring the subject up anymore with all those pictures floating around.

Unforutnatly i'm not sure if we're ever going to find out the full truth about how far things like Abu Ghraib extend. The government will want to cover it up as much as possible, just like events like My Lai. The problem was that this time the perpetrators were stupid enough to take pictures of what was going on. If not for the media getting ahold of those the Pentagon would still be holding secret meetings saying "I heard some bad stuff might be happening, maybe we should do something about that. Let's go get some lunch first though." So instead they'll just court-martial a few people as quickly as possible, insist it was an isolated problem, and maybe outlaw cameras in the military. Unfortunatly or fortunatly, after this any accusations of cruelty against the military are going to be much more readily accepted than they were before.

And whether it's because i'm cynical, or cause i've heard of the events and experiments discussed in the article, i'm disapointed, but not really suprised by the whole thing.

And if this is what happens to people covered by the Geneva Convention, what must be happening in Guantanamo Bay, where the convetion doesn't apply, at least according to our good friend Rumsfeld?
chibikeba on May 13th, 2004 01:52 pm (UTC)
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girl scoutsakurayasha on May 13th, 2004 07:48 pm (UTC)
okies, it helps to be part of the worlds best intelligence network (I should really pay more attention to breifings though)
mainly what I know is that Rumsfeld knew about all of this in the summer of 2003 because the Red Cross was reporting the torture to the government. Of all the pictures that have come out so far, they are nowhere near as bad as the ones who haven't come out yet. Uhn, at least 20 of the prisoners have died because of the toture, and, like, some 90% of the prisoners didn't even commit a crime, but were savilians that were rounded up by the army.
The reason for it was that the prisoners weren't talking, they weren't telling us where weapons of mass distruction were and other such bullshit, so the top guy called in someone who was know for this kind of inhumanity and asked him what to do, and that's what happened. Unh, I don't remember those guys names, cus I don't take good notes, I'll update them later. we have it all on our website, I'll go check now