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09 May 2003 @ 11:55 am
I'm the first programmer in the office in this section! Even after intentionally deciding to be late! :)

I got a metric ton of work done yesterday! Yay me! *happies* We finished up the first E3 candidate (which will not be the last E3 candidate, but no one really expected that =) and people started heading home after 2, i left about 2:45 cause i was looking at one last bug.

I was a little lethargic, and didn't feel like getting home super quick, so i tried the minimum lane changing tactic. Went through five and a half freeways with 3 lane changes total from when i got on the 55 to when i got off the 10, and one of those was right at the end because the offramp has a seperate lane. I also experimented with my cruise control and figured out to get it working at a basic level, but that got boring really fast so i turned it off again quickly.

I got home about 3:30, but for some reason wasn't feeling like sleep. Logged on and looked about the net while watching tv for a bit, then read in bead for awhile, and finally fell asleep a little after 5. Got woken up by Caithris calling at... some hour that i can't remember and got to talk to her for awhile, yay! :) Then i fell back asleep till my first alarm went off at 8, killed that and slept till 9 or 9:30.

It was about 10:20 by the time i was up and ready for leave for work, which would have been pleanty of time to get here by 11 most likely, however i decided to stop by the store and stock up on Monster energy drink, and got some vitawater and chewy runts :) and then i decided to stop by Jamba Juice to get some "breakfast."

Got in at 11:30, and neither of the other two programmers this area were in yet :)
Current Mood: happyhappy