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23 September 2002 @ 10:14 am
That might explain it...  
While i was driving to LA last night, i wondered why for the first ten minutes or so i saw a very light rain of ash falling out of the sky. I only saw one flake of ash every ten or fifteen seconds (more like a minute or so towards the end of the area) but that's still quite a bit of ash to be randomly falling out of the sky.

So this morning i get up, and look out the window, and there's a big pillar of smoke. I went up to foothill before driving over to Garey to get on the freeway (onramp for Towne is closed, so that's not really going out of my way much) and there was a really wide column of smoke coming out of the hills to the north, expanding up into a big flat layer of smoke in the sky. That was impressive enough, but further to the west was a _huge_ layer of smoke that seemed to be from a different source.

So later on the radio i heard that there's a big fire north of Glendora. Not _really_ big, but about 150 acres according to CNN. Certainly enough to explain all the smoke to the west, and the smaller fire was probably responsible for the ash i saw, unless the wind was more westerly last night and the ash from Glendora was getting that far.
girl scout: Sailor Vsakurayasha on September 23rd, 2002 10:28 am (UTC)
Fire! Fire!
You know all firemen are really piromaniacs! They just wanna watch it burn!