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11 September 2002 @ 08:13 pm
I spent last friday evening and most of saturday hanging out with Sarisa and/or Rahvina.

I stayed kinda late at work friday night talking to people. I wanted to find out from Allyn when/if she wanted to get together this weekend. I finally got ahold of her, and she said she'd be busy until sunday.

Rahvina had said that she wanted to hang out, because Sarisa was working overtime that evening and would have to go in again on saturday. I drove out to LA to pick her up, got there about 10 or 10:30, and we headed off to my place.

We spent awhile talking, and i played the new(ish) Enya cd for her since she hadn't heard it yet. It seems that my PS2 is having problems with CDs, Enya played okay, though there were some weird sounds when it started up, but some other CDs wouldn't play at all.

After that we watched LA Story, and then decided to stick in Spaceballs when it finished up at about 2. However we both fell asleep partway through the movie, and woke up towards the end, so we decided that going to bed was probably a good idea. This is kind of unusual, last time we were up talking till about 6.

Rahvina decided to sleep on the couch, even though i'd offered to take the couch so she could use the bed. She went to bed right away, but i stayed up till about 5:30 reading a little bit more of Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart.

Rahvina woke up before me, but unfortunatly for her she decided to come poke at me sometime around one or so and convince me to get up. Somehow my torpor claimed both of us, and we ended up sleeping till about 4:30.

Sarisa got out of work at 5 or 6, so we headed back to their apartment shortly after getting up. We got there a little bit after Sarisa got home, and all sat around talking for a little bit.

We ended up deciding to go out to dinner, and since we wanted to get the Mage campaign started we figured Denny's probably wouldn't complain about us gaming at the table :)

We played their for awhile while having a fairly good dinner. Sarisa and i split a piece of the super chocolatey pie, because Rahvina wasn't feeling very hungry afterwards, and Sarisa only a little bit so. We then headed back to their apartment and continued to game till 3am.

They offered to let me crash on their couch for the night, and i was tempted to do so, but i was hoping to get together with Allyn the next day, and knew that if i slept at their place it would be far too easy to get sucked into hanging around there the next day.

I got home about 4am, and sorted through mail and talked to people online and read for awhile before getting to sleep at six or seven.

I woke up about one on sunday, but Allyn was busy, so i spent the day playing video games, chatting with people, and just not doing much of anything.
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rahvina on September 11th, 2002 11:57 pm (UTC)
I personally like my screen name better then my real name. My real first name is kinda boring. Sarisa, my boyfriend, likes that better when he's referred to online as well. Our nicknames were made up a long time before we even met Geoff :), or even before we met each other....just coincidence that they both end with "A"s. If he decides to use real names, I have no issues with that, but I like my nickname better.