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14 March 2002 @ 12:02 pm
Today i managed to wake up early for the first time all week. Tuesday morning i overslept by a half hour =( Wednesday morning i got up on time, but only cause i'd intended to get up an hour or two early and slept through that alarm.

So since i managed to get up early i stopped by Fry's on the way to work. Of course they didn't have Ah Megami-sama, but since i was feeling depressed i decided to get some stuff anyway.

I got the Cowboy Bebop boxed set. RG Veda, Rurouni Kenshin #2, the Harlock Saga, and the original Vampire Princess Miyu #2. I woudl have gotten #1 too but they didn't have it.

I'm going to try and go by DVDPlanet on my lunch break and see what they've got. I want to get Ah Megami-sama, i want to get Battle Angel, and i keep hoping more Utena will come out though i don't know when that's scheduled for.