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03 July 2012 @ 08:23 am
AX Day 02  
I was going to post all the remaining days in one big post, but the second day also ended up with a lot of AMV links, so i figured i'd post it separately.

Day 02

So i got off to a slightly late start saturday. I think i finally arrived there around 1:30. One of the first things i did was went and grabbed some food at the food trucks. This time i tried out the OG Tempura truck and the Mambo Juice truck. I got a blueberry lemonade, fried apple fritters, and tempura steak wrapped in bacon. The fried stuff took awhile to get done, presumably because of the steak, but when it was, it was excellent! (Though i think i burned my mouth a little on the steak since i just couldn't wait for it to cool =)

After that i headed back into the con and took some pictures and looked around the exhibit hall for awhile. Then i went and checked out the AMV room around 4. They were just letting the AMV Chef panel out, and word was that they were going to clear the room between every panel. I decided i wasn't _that_ interested in seeing "AMV Parodies of AMVs" so i decided to find something else to do. As i was turning around to leave i stumbled upon (or more accurately, was stumbled upon by) +Andrew Schoonmaker and his friend. So we headed down to the game room and spent awhile discussing what we thought of the AMV contest before i headed back up to the AMV room for the "AMVs That Inspired You to Buy the Anime" panel.

When i got there i was told by the door guard that they were _not_ going to be clearing the room before the next panel, so i went in and grabbed a seat and got to see the last couple parody videos. (One of which was Not Another Azumanga Daioh Parody and one or two others whose titles i didn't manage to catch.

Apparently during that ten minutes or so a line had developed outside, so he let everyone who wanted to leave leave and everyone who wanted to stay rearrange themselves before the line was let in, and i managed to grab a spot near the front. I don't know that i agree with _all_ the choices, but i definitely agreed with a fair number of them :) In order we had:

SOUL@GROOVE for Soul Eater (Never seen before, and i would have gone with the Nightmare Before Christmas one myself)
She's Just Oblivious for Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Never seen before.)
The Cyrus Virus for Summer Wars (Awesome)
Trial by Drowning for Casshern Sins (Never seen before)
Always Hardcore for Full Metal Alchemist. (I didn't remember it, but i already had a copy saved from AMV.org, so...)
Hale's Mom for Hare+Guu (Awesome)
Be a Man for Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (Awesome, and a large percentage of the audience started singing along =)
Hold Me Now for Princess Tutu (Awesome)

I _think_ that's all of them. Near the end the moderator (who was apparently Vlad Pohnert, i feel dumb for not having figured that out sooner) announced that they were going to clear the room before the next event, "AMV Mortal Combat" and when other people started getting up and hurrying out in the middle of the last song i decided that was a bright idea and did the same. As a result i got a pretty good seat for that panel as well, which consisted of Vlad having audience members randomly select two videos at a time from a set of 12, playing them both in a row, and having everyone vote for their favorite by cheering. I left partway through the last song of the 3rd set because they were going to clear the room again, and this time i ended up very near the front of the line. But then i guess he ran a 4th set even though it was over time, because i was waiting out there for awhile. The ones i did see though were:

Haruhi - The Harassment of Kyon
Death Note - Animassacre!
Death Note - Yag Si Thgil ("If You Were Gay")
Various - Lifestyles of the Animated and Fabulous
Bleach - It's Raining Bleach Men!
Various - The Wizard of Ozaka

So i ended up at the very front of the room for "That was Then, This is Now!" That panel consisted of going through categories of AMVs, and for each one playing an "old school" video and then a "modern" video to compare. I think this was intended more as a love letter to old school videos than a really serious comparison, and he did seem to pick "modern" videos specifically for dramatic purposes :) *cough*Allegretto*cough*

Ranma Kombat vs Allegretto
This Kiss (at least i think it was that one? Can't be sure cause the video link seems to be dead) vs Anime Kiss
Some AMV set to "Danger Zone" that i can't track down vs Building Steam
Something i lost track of vs 'Bustin
Siamba - A Ghibli Tribute vs Lord of the Anime
(An interesting case where people are having almost the exact same idea a decade apart. Sadly there doesn't seem to be video of the first one publicly available :(
Ugly Girls of Anime vs Evangelion Complex
And i'm pretty sure he compared Odorikuruu ("Mamboleo") to something modern, but i can't remember what. Unless i'm mixing that up from one of the other panels.

And wow, i guess it makes sense that the AMV.org video IDs are sequential, but i didn't think about it until i noticed that Ranma Kombat is #6!!! Okay, i'm gonna try to remember to go and check out the first dozen or so videos by ID.

After that panel was "Coming to a Theater Near You", which i wasn't especially interested in, so i decided to go take a break and come back a little later for the panel i did want to see, "Top 12 AMVs of All Time Countdown," So i went and took some pictures, found a wall socket and charged my phone for a bit, and dumped my stuff off at my car. Unfortunately i got back about five minutes too late and found the previous panel had just gotten out and all filed into line. I got in near the end but was not surprised when the room filled up before i got in. That made me sad, but it was my own fault for not getting back sooner.

So since i couldn't see the one i really wanted to see i decided not to wait around for the "WTF AMVs" panel after that and went straight to the dance line. That line was also pretty big. I got in around 10:30 and it was... 11:15 or 11:30 i think before i got in.

After i'd been in there dancing for a couple hours two moderately cute girls came over and asked if i wanted to dance. I said yes of course, so they started dancing next to me, and then about thirty seconds later decided to sandwich me, which makes the first time that's ever happened to me O_O We danced and talked for a couple minutes, and then they said they had to head off and left. It was all kind of surreal. I'd wonder if i did something to scare them off, except it was them who approached me, so... i dunno.

They shut the dance down around 1:45 and i got home close to 3 again and got to sleep around 4 or 4:30 again.
Kirin: FireBomberkirinn on July 3rd, 2012 07:09 pm (UTC)
So I flipped through the first several dozen IDs on amv.org real quick... Soooo much DragonBall, Kenshin, and EVA, with a smattering of Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Lain, Ranma, Gundam Wing, Mac Plus, and Tenchi. Ayup, that was the late 90s all right.

Also congrats on a successful dancing experience. :) I wouldn't worry about having scared them off unless they were showing a lot of nervous body language (which it sure doesn't sound like); probably they were just making the rounds...
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 4th, 2012 08:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks :) I don't think they seemed nervous, but then i was a bit distracted by that point, so may not have been picking up on all clues properly, i dunno.

Speaking of late 90s AMVs, i remember back at Mudd you had at least one VHS tape of AMVs, that i think came along with some order or something you got? I don't suppose you ever either digitized that or managed to find out which AMVs they were online or anything like that?
Kirin: FireBomberkirinn on July 4th, 2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
Hum, yeah, I know I had some stuck on the end of some fansubs I ordered on VHS from Arctic and maybe other places... might've even had a full tape thrown in with some order. Those *might* be on a shelf downstairs, but we don't actually have a VCR hooked up at the moment. Of course, they quality would be pretty horrendous for digitizing at this point, I'd wager.

The only one that really sticks out in my memory was an AMV of the original Vampire Princess Miyu OAV set to "People Are Strange".
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 4th, 2012 09:15 pm (UTC)
I vaguely remember a pretty awesome Magic Knights Rayearth video (well, awesome for the time anyways of course =) that i think is what actually got me into the series. I don't remember though if that was something on one of your tapes or one of the few videos i managed to find on the internet way back in the days before AMV.org after you introduced me to the idea.